We Now use 100% Natural Dyes on all our fibers!

A Time to Embrace and a Time to Let Go...

Starting a store from scratch is a labor of love. It's blood, sweat and tears. It's something that I've always dreamed of and so honored to be able to continue to do. Thank you everyone! 

Being a shop owner also allows me to truly understand the meaning of a "learning curve". Now having been open for 1 1/2 years, I'm able to look back properly at what it is that my customers are connecting with. With what they're coming back for and excited about! I was about as far from a business major as possible - creative writing was my degree (can't you tell?). But as time has gone by, I've begun to enjoy learning the details of how business works, of how to better connect with my Nutmeg community.

All that to say, that I've been mulling over for a while what our next phase of growth at Nutmeg will be. After much thought, report reading, and conversations with trusted friends and family, I've made what I think is an exciting, yet big decision about the next phase of Nutmeg.

As of March 1, we will no longer be ordering in new fabric stock. We will possibly be occasionally bringing in truly special things such as Merchant and Mills textiles, or other such things. However our main focus of Nutmeg Store will become fibers and the fiber arts. Look forward to our yarn stock increasing significantly, with such items as Quince and Co. Linen coming in this spring. Nutmeg Fibers will also increase significantly, especially after the very warm welcome that they've received from you all! This feels a little bit like an annual report, of sorts, but my Nutmeg community has been speaking, and I am listening! We want to be your go to Little Yarn Shop and can't wait to provide that for you!

As we begin this transition, we will be putting ALL our fabric and sewing arts related items on sale! How exciting!!! Details on all of this will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled, cause all this must go to make room for our new stock of yarn coming in!

I so appreciate all your support thus far for our little shop in East Nashville. Keep watch as we continue to grow and provide for our neighborhood of passionate fiberfolk.



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