We Now use 100% Natural Dyes on all our fibers!

March Newsletter

I'm sitting in my kitchen on this rainy, March morning, feeling very full of hope. There has been a lot of negativity in the world lately, and I am always so grateful to spring for reminding me that even after the darkest, coldest winter, bulbs will still push their way up out of the ground to bloom again. To bring life again. To bring hope again.

Anyhow. All that to say, that I'm so excited and full of hope about this next step for Nutmeg! Everyone has been so supportive and right there with me in excitement about this changeover. The shelves at the shop right now are a little bare as the fabric has been FLYING off the shelves with our current sale going on. But don't you worry! That only means that more and more room is being made for all the new fibers that are going to be coming in.

All of these are expected in early by next week:

  • Encore
  • Alpaca Grande
  • Galway
  • Nutmeg Fibers

We also have Quince and Co linen heading towards us at the end of March. So keep your eyes on our social media for news on when they've arrived!

Also, our Natural Dye Workshop, which was planned for January, has been rescheduled for May! Sign up now for this wonderful, full day event with Ongeleigh of Temperate Clothing. This is going to be a great way for you to step into the world of dyeing fibers, if you've always been curious. Registration fee includes all supplies. Register here now!

As we make our transition over to being your Little Yarn Shop, we have several trunk shows that are lined up. These are SERIOUSLY exciting, so make sure to keep in touch. I can't announce them officially yet, but will do so very soon! Make sure to mark Stitches South on your calendar as well, if you're a fiber lover. It's right here in Nashville and last year I grabbed some truly wonderful things there. I'm pretty sure that Camellia Fiber Co., Fringe Supply Co., Haus of Yarn and more will be there!

Also, last but not least, the date for the 2016 East Side Fiber Festival has been announced! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 24th! To keep up to date on all the details, visit the East Side Fiber Festival website and join the mailing list. Registration for vendors will begin on April 1st!

I believe that's all for now! March is #nationalcraftingmonth so don't forget to take some time to nurture yourself and your art this month!




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