We Now use 100% Natural Dyes on all our fibers!

Hello all! 

I hope that you had a fun and hangover free St. Patrick's Day this past week. I just wanted to fill you all in on a few things that are important to know about at the shop right now! 

1st off, I have let you know through instagram, but wanted to mention again that Nutmeg Fibers are going to be at Stitches South this year! Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co.  will be hosting our yarn at her booth! I'm beyond thrilled! As well as, to be honest, a little nervous. I've never been a part of something so HUGE before. So, if you see me in the next week, looking a bit like a zombie, it's because I've been burning the candle at both ends while I get all this yarn dyed for the event. So here are the details: 

  • March 31-April 3rd
  • at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville
  • Fringe Supply Co. is at booth 503&505!
  • Don't miss Camellia Fiber Co at booth 507!!!

And after you've visited Stitches, come see us at the shop!

2ndly, we are beginning to have trunk shows at our shop, beginning in May! Mark your calendars for May 28th! Reunion Yarn Company will be here to share their amazing fibers as well as their truly unique approach to creating skeins of yarn. 100% of their products are recycled. Rather than use newly spun wool, they create skeins from fibers that are thrift store "knitwear...where 2 miles of a continuous string of yarn...is perfectly usable but locked in a style that people don't want anymore." These products are truly wonderful, one of a kind, and seriously soft! You really have to see this whole process for yourself! Check out their website,  and see exactly how they unravel outdated fashions to create new and beautiful skeins for the fiberfolk out there! 

3rd Up! We have LOADS of new arrivals in the store this week. Here is our current list of in stock items: 

  • Quince & Co. Linen - Sparrow Weight (Kestrel arriving end of March)
  • Quince & Co. Patterns
  • KnitBot Linen by Hannah Fettig 
  • Galway Roving, Sport and Worsted weights
  • Baby Alpaca Grande & Baby Alpaca Worsted
  • Encore Worsted and Mega weights
  • and more! 

Also, don't forget that our sewing patterns and fabrics are on sale until they're gone! There are some great ones still left! That's about it for now! 




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