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Fiber in the 'Boro!

This past Saturday marked the annual Fiber in the 'Boro event out in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This was my 2nd time going out to this fiber festival, and it's always so wonderful! It was so exciting to actually recognize folks from our fiber community, including a lot of the farmers that showed at our own East Side Fiber Festival back in June! I am always blown away by the kindness and welcoming spirit that these events promote. Everyone has that booth that they're planning the head straight towards, the booth that inspires them to learn something new, and the farmers that were just so sweet and kind to talk with. The booths I particularly loved stopping by were Fringe Supply Co., Reunion Yarn, On Golden Farm and Legacy Acres. My stash has grown just a little...I was pretty good. But the things I did add, I am so thrilled about!



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