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Double Sweater Fall, y'all. Double Sweater.

Fall does crazy things to me. It has me planning out my future as a farm owner with sheep and alpaca, some handsome man shearing them, while I lay in my hammock, magically not getting bit by any mosquitos, knitting away in the rolling hills of Tennessee as the leaves change slowly to that golden yellow-red that trees of the south manage to push out. I'm guessing that homemade hard cider would be nearby too, cause apples are perfectly ripe right now!

Well, fall not only makes me daydream, it apparently also causes me to start another sweater project. I'm not even finished with my Benton Sweater yet! I'm so in love with the process of seeing my garment come together, though, that I spent last night browsing through Ravelry, Quince & Co, Brooklyn Tweed, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Rowan and all sorts of other pattern sources to find my perfect second sweater project. I wanted to find something that I could switch back and forth between, since Benton is mostly stockinette stitch.

Crazy Friday night, right?

Apparently, according to my Ravelry favorites page, I have my next ten years of knitting planned out for me already. I'm always astounded by the ability of people to create patterns for something like this. Definitely a goal of mine.

I bounced back and forth between something with some colorwork - maybe Fair Isle or Nordic motifs on the yoke - and a long, cozy cardigan that's almost more of a jacket. I have this image in my mind of Anne of Green Gables at the end of that first movie (I'm a nerd...I know) where she's standing in a field in a long, flowing skirt with an ample cardigan wrapped around her tight. She's, of course, waiting for Gilbert. Love those movies so much...I digress.

Anyhow. Since I'm not feeling super comfortable yet with colorwork techniques (maybe a mitten project will help with that first), I decided to go the cardigan route. I found so many great ones, but settled on Brooklyn Tweed's Channel cardigan by Mr. Jared Flood himself. For right now, I've picked the same color as shown here. Not sure how it's gonna look with my skin tone yet...it's on it's way to me now, though! So I'll see soon.

I love the jacket/cardigan aspect of this one. Can't wait to get this second project started. The Benton is the perfect casual slouchy sweater. A good project for zoning out to a good tv show while I'm working. I think Channel will be the perfect break from the stockinette pattern of Benton. Those cables, plus the larger yarn size (this one is in Shelter not Loft) will hopefully keep me progressing quickly.

So, to recap. For my first time making a sweater, I'm gonna make me two. This is gonna go perfectly smoothly, right?! I've posted a few other amazing sweaters below that are now in my queue for the coming years.

This is an amazing sweater from Julie Hoover. This is from Brooklyn Tweed's Fall 15 line, and I can't wait to work on this one some day.

This is another amazing sweater from Julie Hoover. This is from Brooklyn Tweed's Fall 15 line, and I can't wait to work on this one some day.

This one is by Pam Allen for Classic Elite Yarns. I'd definitely be able to hang out on a farm all day in this one. What's she looking at?

This one is by the amazing Hannah Fettig for Quince & Co. in their Knitbot Yoked 2013 publication. Love the classic simplicity. I think this would love AMAZING on my sister.

This one is by Dianna Walla for Quince & Co. Love the pop of bright color and the classic but modern yoke motif. How are you all doing with your fall projects? Just getting going? Nearly finished? Keep working hard! You can do it!



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