Reunion Yarn This Saturday!!!!!


While I've been out of town on a top secret work trip, I've also been getting super excited about the fact that Reunion Yarn is coming to visit us this weekend! Here is a little more info about Reunion Yarn in their own words:

We like knitwear in particular. One knit garment contains 2 miles of a continuous string of yarn that is perfectly useable, but locked in a style or a fashion that people don’t want anymore. In this waste, we see a closed loop of potential because when we unravel a sweater, we’re not downcycling the fiber. It remains in the same useable state as it began. We are combining sustainable technology, high quality yarn, and a top-notch customer experience for makers and crafters participating in the slow fashion revolution.  

I already have several of their skeins tucked away for future projects, and can't wait to grab some more this weekend! They are also bringing some awesome kits (pictured below) with them, that are available only at their special events like this! They'll be at the shop from 11am-6pm this Saturday, May 28th. Come on by and get you some amazing things!


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