We Now use 100% Natural Dyes on all our fibers!

Meet Trail, our newest yarn!

So, we're right in the middle of our move. I can't wait to be able to show you all the the pictures of my new dye studio! It's well underway and Nutmeg's new home base is starting to look real, real good. And speaking of dye studio, I have some exciting new fiber developments to tell you about!

First off, we're welcoming several new yarn bases into the Nutmeg Fibers family this fall! So, without further ado, welcome Trail to the Nutmeg Fibers family! This is a sturdy, long-wearing, single ply wool that's perfect for garments that you want to work hard and last a lifetime. It's available now in 3 earthy colorways, and like all our yarns, is hand-dyed with natural dyes. For more details on Trail, visit it here!

Keep in touch for more details on our move here! We'll be getting settled in throughout the rest of June to our new space, so thanks so much for your patience! We'll be back up and running smoothly very, very soon!




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