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Help me Name the Dye Studio!

Yesterday was the Tomato Art Festival here in East Nashville, and while I could've gone down the street to celebrate this delicious vegetable-like fruit, I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and finish up my last big outside project for the shed! Thanks to the help of Mito at DIY Assist, I was able to learn how to use some power tools this summer. So, with the aid of my brand new circular saw (don't worry mom, I used it very safely and responsibly), I turned the rest of my wood pile into a walkway out to my shed! Still have a little bit of yard clutter to clear up. I mean, my god that "garden" bed is an overgrown mess! But, after all the work this summer on the shed, I haven't been weeding much. Oh well! 

So, I don't know about you, but in my little family, we like to name things. We've named cars, spinning wheels, stuffed animals, plants, the list goes on. I've been tossing around name ideas for the shed all summer, and can't seem to find one that fits! When I say to my kids that "I'm going out to the shed to work for a bit..." it just doesn't seem right. I thought I'd have a contest to help me name Nutmeg's new online headquarters and dye studio! So, post your ideas for what you think I should call my new workspace in the comments section below. She needs a name! If I pick your name idea, I'll send you a special prize package! 





This is awesome. I’m saving up for a shed of my own as a painting studio- can’t wait.
Name suggestions: 1) Needle Nest 2) Hens-n-Stitches 3)Loop Coop

Aug 25, 2016

Kimberly :

Sheep dip
Wool dip
Woolly dip (as opposed to skinny dip)
Recently painted my family room and the paint color was called, no fibbing, “cozy wool”. My family, all men, thought this was very funny and appropriate as the room houses three spinning wheels. I’ve started referring to the room as “cozy wool room” or “cozy”. Have you painted inside?

Aug 18, 2016

Patricia Sergeant:

Dyed in the Wool Barn.

Aug 15, 2016

Kathy Sullivan:

For a word that’s warm, fuzzy and feminine you could tell your family you’ll be in the nook, the cottage, or in your workshop. Or, you could say you’ll be in the hot tub, if you want to be funny about it. You’re in the back yard. It’s hot, sweaty, and there’s water involved. If you’re looking for a more formal name, call it the mill or The Spice Mill – the place where Nutmeg is prepared. Best of luck discovering the perfect name.

Aug 15, 2016

Connie Stowers :

Several thoughts and remember there are no wrong answers in a brainstorm.

Dye-alisis clinic (you’re welcome John)
Fiber therapy
Ewesful place
Baaahaaa Bliss
Wool world

Enough from me.

Aug 15, 2016


That looks really nice! If you want so rhyming then The Yarn Barn

Aug 15, 2016


Yarn Barn

Aug 15, 2016


Pigment Pen

Aug 15, 2016

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