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October Is Here!

Ahhh, the warm overtones of fall are starting to appear on all the trees in my neighborhood here in Nashville, TN. I'm reveling in these crisp mornings where I can throw open the back doors and watch the leaves falling while I'm having my coffee. Fall in Tennessee is truly beautiful, and I'm glad it's finally here after our HOT summer. 

Just a few things to share with you all as we've gotten to about the mid-October point! First off, our Close-Out sale on non-Nutmeg Fibers is officially over. Thanks so much to all of you that helped me clear out a lot of those skeins! We still have a few left though, and the only way you can get some is through our Yarn Grab Bags! For a limited time only, choose your choice of Neutrals, Cool Tones or Warm Tones and receive a surprise grab bag of yarn. These are perfect for those of you wanting yarn for sock or mitten projects, or for weaving or other crafts. Each grab bag contains 5 skeins of your choice of Neutral Tones, Cool Tones (blues and greens) or Warm Tones (reds, oranges, yellows). All the colors that we have left in stock of our non-Nutmeg Fiber yarns are high quality yarns. Plus, each grab bag includes a FREE Nutmeg Fibers measuring tape. Here's the link to the listing!

Secondly, we are getting really excited for Fiber in the Boro next week! This will be our second official fiber fest that we've participated in under our new direction as a yarn company! I've been working hard to get some new colors ready for you all, and can't wait to see you and chat with you. Make sure to stop by our booth if you come out. The event is:

October 22nd, 2016
9am to 5pm
Lane Agricultural Park
315 John Rice Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN

Thirdly, I've finally picked a nickname for my new dye studio! Thanks to the help of Cyndi and Andi! I can now holler to my kids that I'm heading out to the Yarn Barn to get  a little work done when it's time for me to get to dyeing. Thanks! You ladies will be receiving a special treat from Nutmeg in your inbox, so keep an eye out for that! 

Also, did you make sure to see our latest Yarn Lover's Club bundle?! You have until October 15th to sign up! It's been marinating for a few days now, and is going to be beautiful! You can choose between Brights and Neutrals and both are cold-water dyed with fall foliage that I've found around my area in Tennessee. One bath is full of pokeberries while the other has madder root, osage bark and birch bark. I can't wait to see how these turn out! To order this month's bundle, click here

Moeke's Heritage Yarn

Lastly, I wanted to mention quickly that I've been really honored to be included as a sponsor for several fun events this fall. Some of you may be participating in the My Make Along by Moeke Yarns right now. I myself am about to get started (a little late) on this and am looking through all the amazing designers that contributed patterns to this fun event! Ioana, one of the co-founders of Moeke Yarns, has done an amazing job of bringing together a group of designers and sponsors from all over the globe, all for the love of yarn! Meeting people across the world through the knitting/yarn world is one of my absolute favorite things about being a small business owner.

I also was invited to be a sponsor for an exciting weaving event with Vanessa Lauria (@hellopidgepidge on Instagram) coming up on October 22nd at Casa Joshua Tree in California! Just the images of this place alone (the home and creative space of Lindsay Hollinger) are amazing, and I can only imagine that the folks showing up for this workshop in a few weekends have an inspiring experience awaiting them. As we continue to grow as a yarn company, I can't wait for more events like these that Nutmeg Fibers can be a part of!

Well, that's probably enough information for now. As we enter into what I call "yarn season", things get busy! I have lots more news to share, but for now this is all!





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