Fall Shop update begins 8/16/17, 8am CST

So, I'm at the point in our shop move where my stress level is nearing the top, and I keep just thinking, "WHY CAN'T SOMEONE MAGICALLY SHOW UP AND DO THIS ALL FOR ME?!" Argggghhhhh. How can I be three places at once?! Serenity now!

Then, I "magically" remembered a meditation app that I heard about from the My Brother, My Brother and Me Podcast (which is so fun and has kept me company for many hours while I've been working on getting my studio built). Anyhow, the app is called Headspace. It features 10 minute guided meditations that have helped me de-stress, refocus, and remain calm. And I've only just scratched the surface! I highly recommend anyone that needs some restorative peace and quiet for a moment to check this out. Andy Puddicome, the meditation and (I really don't like this word, but oh well) mindfulness expert that guides you through your 10 minute exercises, has a lovely calming voice. Anyhow. I highly recommend you check the app or the website out! It's been great to keep me calmly going forward through a stressful transition time!

In other news, we will begin shipping out orders again at the end of this week! Thanks so much for your patience with us as we move into our new dye studio space!



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